Welcome to Steve Antonette.com

A fun filled creative writing website with mouse-over effects linking to the other areas of the site. Explore the messy desktop of writer Steve Antonette, click/tap, for smartphones and tablets, to read his journal, or on the stack of books to access his library or open his red folder to discover his TMNT fan-fiction.

Steve tends to write in the action/adventure, supernatural/horror, sci-fi, comedy genres, but does venture out into the others as well. In his library, he has posted some small anecdotes to share some of his creative work for free. His library is also where he posts excerpts of published E-books located on many popular sites.

His journal you can read his random entries about his feelings, what might be happening while writing or an upcoming project. Although for the moment, it is only being updated on a bi-monthly schedule now, but Steve is hoping in the future it will become a weekly blog or even a daily one.

Be sure to come back often, as his mind is always in the creative mind, so who knows what he might post next. Also make sure to move the mouse icon all over, Steve is known to hide little Easter eggs around on his desk.

The crumbled up paper, that just shows how he feels when he gets into the poetic mood. But feels compelled once he starts a poem or rewriting a song lyric, he needs to finish.

So have fun looking around his desktop, but be sure to buckle in for safety, because once you have enter his mind, who knows where Steve will take you next.

**Disclaimer: Although this site is packed full of awesome tales and stories, sadly, it is just not suitable for young readers. So if you are under 14 years of age, I am truly sorry. Some language and content inside just isn't appropriate for your eyes.

And be warned, I like and need my coffee in order to stay focused and write. So please do not try to steal my steaming hot cup of coffee. Yes I know, I didn't use a coaster.