About Steve Antonette

I am Steve Antonette, an aspiring short story writer. I love telling, creating and writing exhilarating stories to entertain anyone and everyone.

What can I say to make me sound sweet, sensitive and innocent? Anyone who knows me knows what kind of a sarcastic ass I can be and where my filthy mind sits. Not in the gutter with most of you, no. Do you see that green gooey stuff sticking to the floor of the gutter under your shoe? Yeah, thatís me under there. I like to toss in a random jab/joke to poke at friends to lighten the mood and make witty insightful remarks at stressful times.

Being a full bred Canadian I love hockey, writing, games and movies. I especially love watching the good old 80 and 90 action ones. They are entertaining, cheesy and just a great time. I also like to spend time with friends, to get together and have a wicked board game night, nothing better. And if you have read some of my stories, you know they are also my inspiration.

I began my writing days when I was ten; a grade 5 writing assignment, where I had to write a spooky story. So I wrote one on my friends and I surviving a horrific supernatural event and got a pretty good mark for it; thus sparking a love to write. But at the time, it was only for my own personal gratification; it took years for me to open up and allow someone else to read them. I always thought, what if they donít like it? Because I sure enjoyed writing and if it didnít spark their interest, well my dreams would have been crushed. Thankfully I grew out of that stage in my life, allowed my peers to read it, got good reviews and that opened up a whole new writing world for me.

About the writing:

My favourite genre is action/adventure and of course, I love to mesh in a variety of genres, like supernatural/horror, comedy and sci-fi; as you will most likely see when you read through some of my stories. I do not like to stick to one type; I am always trying something new.

But there are a few genres I tend to stay away from. Deep down I know I couldnít do a good enough job to be willing to take credit for. So I apologize to the romance and mystery/detective lovers, I honestly just donít want to ruin the genre for you, yeah, that sounds like a good excuse, we will go with that.

Although I consider myself a short story writer, that does not mean I do not have a novel or two in the works. It just means they are few and far between. I personally enjoy reading them better. I do tend to make a series, which could be considered a novel if you group them up, much like my Halloween series. The Colbert story is like a novel too, with several acts.

I have come a long way since my youth. I did not go to a college or university, just English class and a passion to write is all I had in high school. I have been writing ever since, my skills continue to grow; in these last twenty or so years I've learned so much. I still find myself learning, I know I'll never know it all, but like I always say, learning something new every day is healthy for the mind.

I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for visiting my site, I do sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I doÖ